Made in Germany

Framat make quality products. We develop and manufacture in Germany. And we install wherever you are – in any of your global plants.


Framat solutions are custom-made for you, at your and your customer’s full satisfaction:

  • reliable and repeatable processes in your production
  • guaranteed function
  • increased productivity
  • continuously high quality of your finished products

Optimum total cost

Framat helps you to drive cost out of your business. Together we

  • reduce your cost per unit (CPU)
  • optimise your CAPEX
  • evolve and implement your ideas (co-engineering)


Any process that works well somewhere, you can implement it anywhere else together with Framat. Our teams are wherever you need us.

From a single source

Framat provide full solutions. Starting from the idea, finishing with the installation, we put in place what is needed ourselves.

  • concept and development
  • CNC machining and assembly
  • electromechanical and programming
  • installation globally


Our engineers speak your language and fully understand your challenges. We don’t take a no for a no. We develop and implement your ideas for you and together with you. New challenges do not deter us. Contrarily, they motivate us. We know what is happening in the market and how to put in place latest technological solutions for your unique process. Together we achieve a result that is twice as good.